What To Do For 48 Hours in Malaga

Andalusia is truly an incredible region. The city that you can’t miss in this area is Malaga. It is gorgeous and vibrant, with quite an impressive history. Malaga is a great example of a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary. Got a spare 48 hours to head to the city? Here’s what you should do:


Visit the historic city center

This area is essentially Malaga’s old town. It can easily be recognized by the large, majestic cathedral and the bustling shopping street, Calle Marqués de Larios. It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon in the area if you wish. Most Spanish streets are narrow and unique, shaded by the buildings right by. Calle Marqués de Larios, however, is wide and airy, running all the way from the port to the old principle square. There are plenty of designer goods here, and during big festivals, the road is alive until the wee hours of the morning.


In the historic city center, you’ll get a chance to see where the old and the new collide. Take it all in while exploring the neighborhood. Watch the fascinating street artists, and don’t forget to stop for a snack at one of the many cafes in the area.


Stop by the Pablo Picasso Museum

You haven’t really visited Malaga if you haven’t visited the Pablo Picasso Museum. This influential artist was born and raised in this city, and the museum continues to be run by his ancestors. The estate is beautiful and well-maintained, containing works that you would be unable to see anywhere else in the world. They highlight Picasso’s incredible life, from the beginning of his art career all the way to the end. There’s no wonder why the entire city is steeped in art and creativity.


Explore Alcazaba

Malaga has a fascinating history. It was once ruled by the Moorish rulers centuries ago. The Alcazaba was the citadel they built right atop the remains of a Roman fort that was there before them. It has been extensively rebuilt and expanded twice and is now a historic site that the government wishes to preserve and maintain. Take the opportunity to explore the grounds and the amphitheater lying nearby, and don’t forget to admire the view.


Walk along the port

Malaga’s port is one of the more modern areas of the city. It has been there for decades, but it is constantly modernized to keep up with the times. Now, it is a great area to walk and explore. Take your loved one out to dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants close to the beach before inviting them on a post-dinner walk to gaze at the many ships coming and going.


Refuel at El Pimpi

There’s no shortage of booze in Malaga, and it’s only fitting that you stop by El Pimpi before you go. Calle Granada is filled with corridors, terraces, bars, and restaurants to enjoy, and El Pimpi is the highlight of them all. The name of the establishment itself comes from the word “Pimpi,” which was used to describe the people who helped the crews unload goods from the ships, asking the tired men to join them for a meal and a drink before they cast off again. It’s a fascinating place to visit, and a very fitting place to have your last meal in Malaga.

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