The Best Tapas Bars in Malaga

Summer is the perfect time to visit the beautiful city of Malaga, as it is the best time to enjoy its beaches, its good weather and, of course, its cuisine. And because of this, we have prepared a list of the best tapas bars in Malaga.


El Pimpi

Talking about tapas bars in Malaga implies talking about El Pimpi. A place with a vast popularity, it is located in an unbeatable location and their tapas are a delight. The atmosphere is very local, do you dare to discover it?


El Tapeo de Cervantes

This restaurant is one of the best tapas bars in Malaga. El Tapeo de Cervantes is located next to the Teatro de Cervantes. With space for just 28 people it is recommended to reserve beforehand, arrive early or be prepared to wait. The wait is most definitely worth it, the food is very good.


Bar La Campana

Bar la Campana is usually very full, specially in summer. So if you want to enjoy their tapas, you better get there early. You can enjoy fried fish, rice rations or seafood from the area, all at very affordable prices.


Taberna Trillo

In Taberna el trillo they specialized in a specific product: cod. Although you can enjoy different tapas, the truth is that this fish abounds in its plates.


Cortijo de Pepe

El Cortijo de Pepe is an authentic and very spanish tapas place, offering great tapas like Iberian ham and montaditos, and many other dishes.


Mercado Atarazanas

This bar is located in the market of Atarazanas, and hence its name. You can try a large variety of fried fish, as well as other seafood such as prawns, octopus or anchovies. Good tapas in Malaga to enjoy this miniature cuisine. Open at noon and closed on Sundays.


Bodeguita el Gallo

Bodeguita El gallo is one place with a lot of tradition and history. You can try good flamenquines or broken eggs with ham and, of course, also great wines.


Refectorium Catedral

Refectorium has become a very well valued chain of restaurants in Malaga. In total they have three locations in the city, and if you are in the center area, the one located near the Cathedral is the one that will best suits you.

Fish, croquettes, ajoblanco (garlic cold soup), Ensalada Rusa (potato salad) or rice dishes are some of their star dishes.


El Mesón de Cervantes

Another popular place to go for tapas in Malaga: El Mesón de Cervantes. Good rations and tapas, such as tuna, croquettes, flamenquín or salmon rolls. The portions are not very big but the quality is very high.


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