The Best Food Markets in Malaga

Malaga is a city ripe with vibrant culture, amazing scenic views, and remarkable historical sites. Combined these elements with the friendly Malagueños, it’s no wonder why the city is known throughout Europe as THE tourist destination of Andalusia. Not only that, the highlight of the city revolves around the food, as the city boasts a wide range of organic produce, locally-crafted beers, and unique tapas dishes.


With that said, here are the best markets in Malaga where foodies will love. Grab yourself a fruit basket and join us!


Mercado Atarazanas

The crown jewel of Malagan food markets, Atazanas is definitely a place to go if you’re a true foodie. Located in the 14th-century archway just off the Guadalmedina river in the old town of Malaga, the entrance to this place looks more like a gateway to the famous Alhambra than to an amazing market.


The ancient building has been repurposed long ago to now hosts one of the most vibrant markets in all of Andalusia. You can find the freshest of fish, cooked in a true Malagueño style and served with a lemon wedge. Not only that, there are plenty of tapas bars within and around the market area. These bars will keep you guessing what dish will be served next so you can have a day full of food adventure. While you’re here, be sure to check out the stained glass windows on the façade in the rear side.


Mercado de la Merced

This recently renovated market is designed to put every other market in the region to shame. Reopened in October of 2015 after a 6-month long renovation, Mercado de la Merced is ready to put the world in awe. You can find the most innovative foods and masterfully crafted drinks around its premises, which is why both locals and tourists love this place so much.


Located right in the heart of the old town near Plaza Merced, you will find the staple southern Spanish food items like cured ham, fresh fish cooked in different ways, locally grown and harvested produce, and of course, an endless supply of tapas to try. Right in the centre of the old town is where the new culture collides and coexists perfectly with the old one, making for a poetic beauty like nowhere else in the country!


Mercado de Salamanca

Known as one of the premier markets of Malaga, the produce sells incredibly quickly here. It’s adviced that you come here as early as possible to get to try the best produce the region has to offer. Mercado de Salamanca is situated a few minutes walk from the city centre in the direction of the “La Rosaleda” stadium. It has the same elegant Moorish style of the entrance as Atarazanas, making it a competitive brother of the old market.


You will find the best catches of the day, along with the best meat and vegetable you can find in Andalusia. As you stroll down its length, don’t be surprised by the loud yelling and persistent vendors. Despite the chaos, you will find that every merchant and shopper love to be there, and we guarantee that you will be too. The market is full of character, so it’s a foodie experience that you won’t soon forget.


Mercado Carmen

Mercado Carmen Sits next to the old church in the neighbourhood of El Perchel where locals used to dry their catches on the “perchas” hooks, hence the name. Mercado Carmen is a place to go if you’re looking for a more modern twist on the idea of a food market. You will hear an endless bargaining and haggling that give the market a unique feel and characteristic. If you ask some locals, they will claim that this is the best place to go for the best seafood deals and dishes. Although it has been renovated and lined with modern tapas restaurants, it’s still one of the most beloved spots for the Malagueños to shop and eat.


Monthly farmers markets

The “Guadalhorce Ecologico Cooperativa” was formed around seven years ago, and they are the collective of sustainable farmers of the Guadalhorce Valley. Every second Saturday of every month, the group hosts farmer’s markets in the Calle Cervantes. The market is located just off the old town where historic buildings lined both sides of the venues, giving the market a unique scenery to them. You will find everything from homemade chocolate, pasta, and fresh meat and produce of all sorts. If you are interested in an eco-friendly shopping experience presented by true farmers, then plan your trip according to their schedule!



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