The Best Beaches to Visit in Malaga

People from countries all over the world fly into Spain to visit for vacation. Of course, they stop by Malaga. As one of the most vibrant coastal cities in southern Spain, how could you miss it? There is plenty of culture and history that you can take in throughout the city. However, you’ve got to fit in a couple beach days to just enjoy the sun and the water.


Here are the beaches that you can’t miss when visiting Malaga:


Peñon del Cuervo

This landmark is named because of the peñon, or rock, that protrudes out at the sea. This beach is famous among the younger generation and you’re sure to run across a party or two. There aren’t too many restaurants or resorts lining the area so you’ll have to pack your own food and snacks, but the effort is definitely worth the visit. On your way there, look out for a cement factory. Once you spot it, you’ll know you’re almost at your destination.


Playa del Cañuelo

This beach is another one popular with a younger crowd. For those of you who love snorkeling, this is where you should be heading. For more of an experience, opt to travel there by bus from the city. You’ll get to watch the beautiful Maro hills swosh by before the trees open and reveal the beautiful waters of Playa del Cañuelo. You won’t have to bring your own beer here – there are two bars on the sand where you can pick up drinks and snacks. Do note that this is a beach where swimwear is optional, so don’t be surprised to run across the occasional nudist.


Playa de Pedregalejo

Playa de Pedregalejo is one of the more vibrant, lively beaches. There are plenty of Malagueños during the day as there are quite a few foreign language schools in the area. Despite the high foot traffic, however, the beach is quite clean. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Craving seafood? You know where to go. As the sun sets, this beach comes alive and the party people come out to play.

Playa de la Caleta

This beach is another one popular among the locals. It is close to the Pablo Picasso promenade. If you enjoy people watching, this might be just the place as there are plenty of people enjoying a beach day here. Beach sports are often played at Playa de la Caleta so if you’re in the mood for some exercise, see if you can join one of the groups playing volleyball. You could even get in a lifting session at a beach workout station or go for a run.


Playa del Cristo

Playa del Cristo is a beach with a more laidback vibe. Head there for some lowkey paddling, a tasty seafood lunch, or an afternoon tanning. This is a family-friendly beach, so don’t be afraid to bring the little ones along. The waters are calm and there are lots of shallow areas for kids to play. Quite a few small local restaurants line this beach so you don’t have to bother packing your own lunch. It’s the perfect place to spend a lowkey afternoon.

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