Great Vegan Eats in Malaga

2,083 Let’s be honest – food is a major part of any vacation, if not the whole reason you’re going on vacation in the first place. If you’re down to eat anything and everything, you won’t have much of a problem. If you’re vegan, however, vacationing may be a little bit more difficult. You have to look for places that offer vegan options ahead of time to ensure that you’ve got something to eat.

Fortunately, Malaga is one of the Spanish travel destinations where the idea of plant-based food is beginning to thrive. There are tons of health food restaurants, juice bars, and shops selling vegan-friendly snacks around. Restaurants often provide vegetarian and vegan options. If you’re currently planning a trip to Malaga, you’ve come to the perfect place for some restaurant recommendations.


Are there vegan tapas?

For the most part, Spanish restaurants don’t have a lot of vegan options. However, there are some tapas that are meant to be made vegan. You can order some cold Andalusian gazpacho, or even salmorejo from Cordoba. There’s also a terrific almond and garlic soup called ajoblanco that you should most definitely try. It’s important to note that salmorejo is often garnished with some egg and serrano ham, so make sure to let the waiter know that you don’t want any toppings. If you don’t have an aversion to oil, try some deep-fried Andalusian classics such as pimientos del padrón or berenjena frita. Berenjena frita is a deliciously deep-fried aubergine served with some molasses. You’re sure to be impressed!

There are also some tasty tapas made with raw vegetables if you’re craving something fresh. Ensalada is a fresh mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and sweet corn. Ensalada di pimientos asados or verduras a la parilla is also a fantastic option if you enjoy grilled vegetables. Don’t forget to order some chickpea soup to fill you up!


There are tons of coffee shops and cafes found across Malaga. Unfortunately, most don’t have too many vegan options. You’ll likely be having toast with a tomato spread and olive oil and black coffee in most shops – most places don’t stock nut milk.

If you’d like to go to a breakfast spot with extensive vegan options, Julia Bakery is just the place!

Julia Bakery
This coffee shop is well-known among locals and tourists alike. The counter is always filled with delicious pastries, just as the shop is filled with people stopping by for a cup of coffee or some breakfast.

Julia Bakery is known for their fantastic pastries, sourdough bread, and other sweet desserts. You can grab a fruit smoothie, delicious coffee, and warm scones. Nut milk is stocked here, so you can order your favorite latte. There are vegan pastry options available every day, ranging from scones to pound cake. The bakery also offers quite a few savory options if you aren’t in the mood for something sweet. Order the sweet potato falafel or the vegan burger. Whether you’re there for breakfast or lunch, Julia Bakery has something you’ll love!



There are actually quite a number of vegetarian restaurants in Malaga. Most of them offer vegan options as well. If you’re looking for a 100% vegan restaurant, however, we’ve got a recommendation for you.

Raw Attitude
Raw Attitude is located in Soho. They are both a restaurant and an organic food shop. Everything is made daily with the freshest of ingredients. The food presentation is amazing as well, so don’t forget to take that perfect Instagram photo! The best time to stop at Raw Attitude is probably around one to four in the afternoon on weekdays. There are lunch sets available for a mere 13 euros! If you aren’t hungry enough for a meal, you can also order a Buddha bowl, a fruit smoothie, and more. There are quite a number of pastries and sweet treats to choose from, all sweetened naturally without any added refined sugar. If you happen to be in Malaga on a weekend, Saturday morning is a great time to stop by the shop as well for some brunch. Don’t forget to order the pancakes!

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